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• Do you want more overnight stays with less commission and intermediaries?

• Want to build your own recognizable online brand?

• Do you want to have your own website where you specify your content?

• Have you had enough stress about the double reservations?

• Do you spend a lot of time communicating with potential guests over the e-mail and Facebook? Do you think it would be easier just to send them a link with all the apartment information in one place and the possibility of online booking?

Be an important name in the world of the rental market!

Be part of the world’s trends and get your accommodations booked without intermediaries!

Accept the new era challenge and become a recognizable name on the world market.


The BookIT reservation system and the website offer synchronization with all the major intermediary sites and booking systems that use the iCal standard. Automated synchronization works with Airbnb, RentalSystems, Wimdu, Flat4day, and Holiday Lettings among others. Integration with by Channel Manager Rentals United is also possible.
Double reservations are not possible. All accommodation units are in one place. No more overbooking fear.

Instant bookings and direct online billing.
Receive reservations without intermediaries and commissions. Your guests pay online, and are offered to pay by Credit Cards, Paypal or cryptocurrencies. The crypto-exchange changes the cryptocurrencies so your payments arrive in desired currency.

BookIT allows you to send e-mails and notifications to all of your former and future guests in just a few clicks. Your new offer or price change arrives directly in their inbox.


With BookIT and Paldesk you can communicate with your website visitors in real-time. The integrated Paldesk application allows you to communicate with your guests in real-time through multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and email using only one interface.

Your website is optimized for search engines on all devices. Your offer is available to everyone, regardless of the device they are using (a laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

BookIT also includes statistics so you can track your website visits and the number of reservations. Keep track of the number of visitors and reservations from all devices.


Insert an unlimited number of pictures and descriptions for your accommodation units.
Highlight your phone number and email in the case your customers want to contact you before booking.
You have the ability to create more personalized websites with the same user interface (multibranding). You choose where things will be shown and you manage the views, descriptions, and other details on your websites.

With BookIT you can offer additional services, such as transportation, excursions, photography or cooking courses, and increase your annual income. You can also give your guests ideas for things to do or places to go while staying at your accommodation. Become a synonym for a good experience in your destination.


BookIT is easy to use! You don’t need advanced computer skills to manage the system and your website. It was built in cooperation with the hosts and the administration time is reduced to a minimum.

If you’re stuck just let us know!

BookIT offers a unique price that includes system cost, website design, hosting, domain, development and technical maintenance of the website.


With BookIT, you can make your website in just a few steps and rent your accommodation without intermediaries. All you have to do is choose one of the offered templates, enter the information about the host and the accommodation, upload images and the website is done.
Personalize your page simply by selecting from the offered templates.


We want you to drink coffee while we do the technical work!

We’ll ensure that your page works on all devices and platforms. And we’ll monitor the development of new technologies and upgrade the system to be up to date. We work with people in the profession and we’re constantly developing new features for you. We’ll take care that your data is protected and secure, and at the same time accessible to everyone.

Are you ready for technological changes in your business that will make you a recognizable


Let us show you the benefits of BookIT

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